Dây chuyền hàn góc kết hợp làm sạch góc 4 đầu tự động - HYSHQX4-2000
Thông tin sản phẩm Dây chuyền hàn góc kết hợp làm sạch góc 4 đầu tự động - HYSHQX4-2000:
- Giá bán: call
- Số lượng có trong kho: 10
- Thời gian bảo hành: 12 (tháng)
- Thông tin mô tả riêng của gian hàng: - Hàn góc 4 đầu tự động; - Đường vận chuyển khung sau khi hàn tự động; - Làm sạch góc hàn 4 đầu, tự nhận diện hệ profile; - Hệ thống PLC cao cấp, tự động hóa cao, đạt độ chính xác tuyệt đối; Brief Introduction: HYSHQX4-2000 Automatic welding and corner-cleaning production line is made up of one CNC multi-layer four-point welding machine, automatic feeding device Ⅰ, automatic supporting device, automatic feeding device Ⅱ, two CNC double-head corner cleaning machines, auxiliary manipulator and stock stop device. This line can achieve automatic welding, cleaning and feeding of rectangle windows in enormous quantities. This line adopts import CNC drive system, which features easy operation, friendly interface, stable system, energy-efficient and high degree of automation. The welding machine can weld two or four layers PVC profile. Large welding scope and high working efficiency. Excellent technology of the welding machine fully ensures the high intensity angles and consistency of finished windows when multylayer welding. Modularity design of the welding heads ensures the high structure intensity, regidity and stable function. The welding heads are equiped with two upper clamps in order to avoid upper and lower surface misplace and ensure the high planeness of the finished windows. The profile fixtures can satisfy the locating weld of different profile. Automatic drawing mechanism Two CNC double head cleaning machines achieve four corners omni-directional cleaning. Servo motor drive brings about high speed cleaning. Each cleaning head is equiped with eight tools, which can fully satisfy multi-level cleaning requiement over one hundred kinds of profile. Automatic feeding device can achieve automatic feeding of welding and cleaning. Auxiliary manipulator finish the movement from welding to cleaning . The total line is horizontal disposition, which features excellent design, consistent process. This line, adopting high quality pnumatic parts, features easy maintenance and long working life, which is the excellent machine for large scale, automatic and high qualtiy production of big window&door manufacturer. Technical Parameter: Power: 380V 50HZ Total Power: 17.2KW Rotational Speed of Cutter: 3000~12000r/min Pressure: 0.5~0.8Mpa Welding Height: Hmax=320mm (Single layer) Hmax=140mm (Double layers) Hmax=50mm (Quad layers) Welding Width: Wmax=120mm Welding Scope: 400X400~1800X3000mm Cleaing Width: 20~120mm
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